Best Sublimation Paper: Top 5 Reviews and Guide in 2023

There are many sublimation papers in the market. And all of them are the best of the best. Printers need good features for sublimation paper. You are easy to print such as t-shirts mugs and other stuff.

In this article, I will explain some of the best sublimation papers in the market just as Canon Pixma g3202. And their features in 2023. So just read till the end.

Best Sublimation Papers:

1. A-SUB Sublimation Paper:

This is one of the best sublimation papers I have used for my printer. This paper has a competitive price of $8.49 for the smallish 4×9.5 sheets for usage. This A-SUB beats many of its competitors in the market.


This paper has a unique quality in that it works with every type of sublimation printer. I tested the A-SUB sheet with my converted Epson ET-4800 and the results were awesome the designs were vibrant. 

Moreover, I have tested this paper with my Sawgrass printers and it also shows a result of more vibrant as the Epson one shows some negligible differences.  As the manufacturing shows the A-SUB  sheets work very nicely with large-format inkjet sublimation printers.

This paper shows impressive results on blended fabrics, polyester, and polyamide. The ink-based compatibility is also extensive with sawgrass subject UHD Hiipoo and cosmos ink.


You can choose the size of the array such as 8.5×11, 8.5×14, or 13×19. You can choose how many sheets you want per size from 110 to 150 sheets, depending on your preferred stack size.  As a result, your life will be easier if you always follow highly specific printing instructions with a focus on size.

You can pick anything between 75GSM to 140GSM depending upon the weight as a selection metric. Paper sheets at 120GSM work well with polyester blends and hard substrates. 

Nowadays it is also known as the best sublimation paper for mugs, t-shirts, heat transfer, cotton, tumblers, Epson printer, sawgrass, sg500, 2803, dark fabric, ink, and heat press machine. 

Even this paper fading out and ghosting. In addition, if you wish to design hoodies and blankers. It is recommended that you use 140 GSM paper sheets. We at A-SUB offer a wide variety of products.


The usage depends on the type of paper you use. It is more important to take a closer look at the instructions that are provided in the paper and follow the temperature and pressure recommendations for the T.

This process will help you to print perfectly. Still, if you looking for more most paper sheets and sublimation blanks responds to a heat range of 365-392 degree Fahrenheit and a pressure range of 30 to 50 psi.

However, the drying time of these paper sheets is 60 to 120 seconds. You need to make sure of the perfect design infusion.

Technical Element:

These A-SUB paper sheets have an excellent transfer rate of 98 percent. This metric goes with the percentage of ink that is already inside the substrate. The percentage rate is high. Also, there is a special clay-silica that works with charm and places A-SUB right at the top in print quality.

This sheet has a tacky surface which increases the sheet substrate connection. These sheets are also heat tape resistant, which helps them easier to secure.


  • Excellent transfer ratte
  • More affordable 
  • Quick drying mechanism


  • Expensive

2. Beaver TexPrint DT heavy:

This sublimation paper is one of the best market leaders. Specifically, I’m going to look at the Beaver texprint DT heavy paper stack, which has 110 sheets and a sheet size of 11×17.


This sublimation paper texprintDT heavy does the best job when heated and pressed. The paper stack is compatible with Sawgrass printers and works well. 

It was the Sawgrass virtuoso and converted epson-4780 printer that produced the best results, even when I used sure color F series printers- F170 to be precise pigment based and the sublimation ink variants are both compatible with Texprint DT.

As a professional, I would recommend you test inks by Ink tec over any other brand. If you want the best results, you can even use Subjli jet-RTM dye sublimation ink variants. An extensive range of substrates can be used with TexPrint DT Sheets as each one is heavy paper.


If we talk about the types the reprint weights start from 105GSM to 140GSM if your paper is hunting tex print style. These are the most popular sheets with the Epson printers loving the 105GSM and Sawgrass SG500/1000 loving the 115GSM.

Depending upon what you are working with you can pick any roll size you want. There is a range of sizes from 17 to 63.


The easily workable temperature in beavers is 380-420 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the usage requirements are very standard. You can easily adjust the pressure application depending on the sheet GSM you select.

Among sublimation paper brands, beaver offers the quickest dying time although the same will depend on the type of ink and even substrate.

Technical elements:

Texprint DT has a few important features that aspiring best sublimation paper professionals should know. First of all the transfer paper isn’t prone to offsetting and smudging so your prints will be great. Depending on the substrate you can get a transfer rate of 95 percent to 98.

I can’t get the coating to stay on and keep it bleeding However it’s not super tacky so if you want something personal or reusable it’s good. Low tackiness, however, can make heat pressing less effective. This type of paper can be taped with heat transfer.


  • Fast-drying coating.
  • Excellent transfer rate.
  • Thickness (GSM) and sizes vary.


  • costly

3. HTVRONT Sublimation Paper:

This HTVRONT  sublimation paper is the best if you want your printer to perform perfectly. It has a greater type of paper 13×19 which is good for larger surfaces.


You will love the results of this sublimation paper if you own an inkjet printer this will work in a great way. I tested this product with my favorite sawgrass virtuoso SG500 and the print quality to the transfer rate was impressive. 

Keep in mind that HTVONT sublimation paper works equally well with printers from HP Canon Epson and more. With sublimation ink, you can get awesome results especially if you are printing on light-colored fabrics like bags t shirts, and pillows. 

You should use this paper type if your substrate contains less than 30 percent cotton. This helps you print coasters mugs cases metal plates and more.


You can find a wide range of HTVRONT sublimation paper variants but the 13×19 paper sheets are the ones that will do the trick. It cost less than 30 cents per sheet for the pack I bought which had 120 sheets.

The 120-sheet 8.5×11 pack is the one to get if you are only interested in small mugs crop tops and other substrates with a small surface area. You would have to pay $0.13 for each sheet that way. 

Furthermore, you can save almost 20% of your yearly paper usage by using this paper type because it has minimal to zero bleeding. You can pick almost any pack of any size and type for that without looking at the types. It also works with sublimation blanks other than fabric due to its uniform 125GSM basis weight.


Sublimation paper HTVRONT works with a range of sublimation blanks and the recommended temperature range varies depending on the material. Due to the strength of the paper, the suggested temperature range is only 280-350 degrees Fahrenheit for a standard ceramic mug.

In the case of textiles containing less than 30% cotton, the temperature should be pushed up to 356 to 392 degrees. It minimum takes time 4 minutes to complete the process.

Technical elements:

In terms of specifics, the HTVRONT sublimation paper has a high transfer rate of 98%. There is also a noticeable difference in the coating on this one. Which makes it less likely to bleed. As I used the product I could see the ink dying in less than a minute due to the optical tackiness.

In addition, this type of paper uses less ink and does not curl so you can get the best transfer quality.


  • Excellent transfer rate
  • Good substrate compatibility
  • No curling 


  • Prons to fingerprints 
  • Colors are Virant for surfaces with more than 30% cotton content

4. Hippo Sublimation Paper:

The hippo is the best sublimation paper that initially scared me because I didn’t want to work 8.5x 11 papers for now. Despite that Hippo surprised me with its affordability paper quality substrate compatibility and more.


This paper type can be used with Epson or sawgrass sublimation printers using hippo sublimation inks. Although I own a few Epson inkjet printers during my extensive review of Hippo sublimation paper I realized that it works beautifully with Ricoh inkjet printers as well.

As for substrate, Hippo is well suited for DIY projects like mugs tumblers mouse pads plates bags, and polyester-based clothing fabrics. The sheets also work with every proprietary ink option if you are interested in ink-specific compatibility.


In the variant I selected for review, there were 110 sheets each 120 grams in weight. Furthermore, each sheet measures 8.5x 11 making it suitable for printing on mugs and medium-sized t-shirts. 

Furthermore, the size of the sublimation paper can be used with every other medium to small substrate.


The type of substrate you plan on using determines how you use the paper. Due to its 120 GSM weight, the pressure and temperature requirements would be higher. Ink will transfer better this way.

In addition, the printable side of the hippo sublimation paper is visible. As for substrate-specific usage ceramic mugs respond best to medium pressure and longer exposers even three or four minutes if needed.   

Technical elements

Hippo sublimation paper has a transfer efficiency of almost 98 percent as mentioned above. The ink is infused with the substrate almost completely as a result. In addition, we have an ultra-dry mechanism that doesn’t take long to dry.

When you take the ink out of the printer it dries almost instantly. To keep the paper aligned with the substrate you might even want to try those heat-resistant tapes. The hippo paper work just fine with heat-resistant tapes even though I didn’t need them.


  • Excellent wide range
  • One of the best transfer rates
  • Quick drying


  • The paper curls

5. Printers jack Sublimation Paper:

Printers jack sublimation paper makes the list because of its extensive substrate compatibility. It is one of the more affordable picks on the market considering the price of each sheet is 15 cents.


Almost every inkjet printer is compatible with printer jack sublimation paper. I could go on and on Epson HP sawgrass and more. You should only use dye sublimation ink variants with it since it is dye sublimation paper with relevant coating 

Sublimation inks from printer jack are recommended. The variants of ink are classic UV blocking auto refill and other ink specific. There’s more to printers jack sublimation paper than just that. 

In addition to printing on mouse pads, ceramic plates puzzles phone cases, and more it boasts excellent substrate compatibility.


Sublimation paper from printer jack offers plenty of variety. According to your preferences, you can choose between 8.3x 11.7x 13×19, and a few other sizes. My personal experience with the 8.5 x 11 version was more than satisfactory.

In addition, the printer’s jack lets you choose between 105GSM 120GSM, and 125 paper thickness. It is more compatible with most substrates due to its variety of basis weights. 


You might have to customize the pressure, temperature, and time-specific standards to match the substrate requirements if you want to make good use of the Printers Jack sublimation paper. Temperatures can reach as high as 374 degrees Fahrenheit in any use case (specifically for mouse pads). 

In the case of porcelain boards, the maximum timeframe could go as high as 6 minutes, depending on the pressure applied. Please note that all of these specifications apply to 125 GSM sheets. 

Technical elements

In addition to its highly specific properties, the Printers Jack sublimation paper shares many characteristics with the other options on the list. Among them are a 98% transfer rate (which helps with complete infusion), a decent level of tackiness, bleedproof coating, and quick drying.


  • More affordable
  • Takes no time to dry
  • Best transfer rates as compared to others


  • Some users complained of printer jamming

Buying Guide:

  • Ink and printers should be considered. Your printer and ink should be compatible with the sublimation paper you choose.
  • Consider your substrate. Certain substrates work better with certain best sublimation papers than others.
  • Decide what your budget will be. There are a variety of prices for sublimation paper.
  • Check out reviews. Learn about the performance and quality of different sublimation papers by reading reviews.
  • Make sure you have the right size and quantity of paper. Sizes and quantities of sublimation papers are available.
  • Make sure the seller is reputable. To ensure that you are getting a quality product, you should purchase sublimation paper from a reputable seller.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best sublimation paper for mugs?

In an affordable range, this style lite is perfect for sublimation paper. Ink transfers crisply and sharply on hard surfaces, so it’s great for mug printing and high-volume users.

What is the best material for sublimation printing?

The most effective sublimation results are achieved with synthetic fabrics such as polyester nylon and spandex.

Is sublimation paper glossy or matte?

Sublimation paper has a matte texture on the white print side. Sublimation papers typically have a white and a colored side.

What is the difference between a paper and a sublimation paper?

As opposed to printing on top of the fabric, sublimation embeds the ink into the fabric. In both durability and feel this results in an unmatched transfer. Heat transfer paper the other hand adds another layer to the garments.

Final Verdict:

Many sublimation papers on the market are considered some of the best on the market. Some of the best sublimation papers are A-sub, Beaver, HTVRONT, printers jack, and Hippo sublimation paper.

They all produce vibrant colors and are high quality. Printers and ink work with them too. It is all about your budget and needs when it comes to sublimation paper. 

Your widget the type of substrate and the quality of the image you want to print should all be considered when choosing sublimation paper.

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