Washing Instructions for Sublimation Shirts ( Avoid 5 Mistakes)

Sublimation shirts are great. They are comfortable and they can help you to look very good. The only problem with sublimation shirts is that they are difficult to clean. Some people just don’t know how to do it properly. Don’t worry! We will guide you through the Washing Instructions for Sublimation Shirts.

How to wash sublimation t-shirts can be difficult sometimes. With the right tips, it is not so hard to have your shirts looking new as new. In this post, we will teach you how to wash sublimation shirts, so you can remove all the stains. You’ll learn the best way to clean the shirts. 

So, we’ve gathered some tips that will help you to wash sublimation shirts effectively. This will help you to save time and money. These tips are the ones you should follow when you are washing your sublimation shirts.

How to Wash Sublimation Shirts By Avoiding these 5 Mistakes

Here are the 5 major mistakes you can avoid while washing sublimation shirts:

Washing Instructions for Sublimation Shirts

Avoid Washing with a Stain Already on a Shirt:

This is the most important thing. If you find a stain on your shirt, you have to remove it immediately. A stain will ruin the entire shirt. Therefore, before you start cleaning the shirt, check if there is any stain.

If you have a stain, remove it immediately:

You can use a sponge or a wet rag to remove the stain. Be sure to use warm water. Hot water might damage your sublimation t-shirt.

Avoid Using Warm Water to Wash Sublimation Shirts:

It’s always best to wash your sublimation shirts in cold water. Sublimation shirts are made of cotton. That means that you can wash them in cold water. However, this is not always the case. Most sublimation shirts come with a pre-wash program. This program says to wash the shirt in warm water. The reason why warm water is used is to get the color to be better. If the color is not as vivid as it should be, then the reason for the poor quality is that the shirt was washed in warm water. This is especially true for sublimation shirts that have been pre-washed.

If you are washing a sublimation shirt that has been pre-washed, make sure you wash it in cold water. You may need to spend more time on the washer for the cold water cycle. You may also need to wait longer than usual before the shirt comes out.

Avoid Using High Levels of Detergent while Washing Sublimation Shirts: 

Detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can damage sublimation shirts. However, there is no evidence that the use of gentle detergent will cause harm to the fabric of sublimation shirts. However, there is no need to use extreme care when washing sublimation shirts as you normally would when washing cotton shirts. 

It is recommended to use a mild detergent while washing the sublimation shirts. If you use too much detergent then it can dissolve the sublimation layer which could be a problem. You should also be careful to ensure that you dry the shirt using low heat or by hanging it in the shade.

Avoid adding Softener to your Sublimated Shirts – Washing Instructions for Sublimation Shirts

Many people use a softener before washing their sublimation shirts. It adds moisture, which makes the shirt look and feel softer. Unfortunately, a softener can ruin a sublimation shirt. The chemicals in a softener can actually prevent your sublimation printer from working correctly. Also, your sublimation shirts won’t dry as fast as they should.

Before washing your sublimation shirts, don’t use any kind of softener. You can also wear your sublimation shirts without a softener. Just make sure that your shirts are always kept away from water.

Use natural whitener instead If you want to whiten your shirts at home, you can use a natural whitener like lemon juice or white vinegar. Just make sure to test it on a small patch first to see if it causes any irritation.

Avoid putting Sublimated Shirt in the Dryer or under Direct Sunlight to Dry them after Washing:

Sublimation shirts are a special kind of clothing designed to help you control your body temperature and sweat. They are usually made of cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, or spandex. The special characteristic of sublimation shirts is that they contain moisture-absorbent fibers. When you wear a sublimation shirt while sweating, those absorbent fibers absorb the sweat and keep your shirt dry and comfortable.

It is recommended that wet sublimation shirts should not be placed in a dryer or exposed to direct sunlight to dry them after washing. Doing so will make the moisture-absorbing fibers dry out and the shirt will not dry as quickly as it should. So place the wet shirts on a clothesline or in a shady area to let them dry naturally.

Tips to Prevent Sublimation Shirts From Fading – Washing Instructions for Sublimation Shirts

Wash your sublimation shirts often to keep them looking new and to prevent them from fading. Sublimation shirts are made from a different material than a regular shirts, so they may require more care when it comes to cleaning.

Washing Instructions for Sublimation Shirts

Follow these tips to keep your sublimation shirt looking great for years to come:

  • Soak the shirt in water for a few minutes before washing it. This will help remove any built-up oil and contaminants that may have caused the shirt to fade over time.
  • Use a mild detergent or bleach if necessary. These methods will clean the fabric and prevent it from fading away quickly.
  • Use a dryer on low heat after each use to help preserve the fabric’s color and texture. This will also help reduce the chance of unwanted allergic reactions or staining from the dyeing process.

 Laundering Guidelines for Sublimated Shirts (From a Professional Launderer)

Woohoo, sublimated shirts are finally on the rise. And with good reason. They’re beautiful and they save you a lot of time and energy. But before you start laundering your sublimated shirts, there are a few things you need to know.

Here’s a guide on how to remove all the stains and dirt from your clothes without any harsh chemicals or scrubbing:

  • Launder them in cold water only. This will help remove all the dirt and stains that may have built up over time.
  • Hang them out to dry immediately after washing, or put them into the dryer on low heat for a few minutes to get rid of any air pockets.
  • Do not place them in an oven or microwave as these can potentially cause a fire!

Some Last Words

In conclusion, sublimation shirts can be easily washed but keep in mind to avoid these 5 mistakes. By following these simple instructions, you can keep your sublimation shirts looking their best.

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