3 Best HP Printers that Use 61 Inks review in 2023

61 ink Cartridge is a popular and unique thing in the HP brand. Educators, business persons and everyone likes it very much. But as it is unique, it is hard to find a printer that supports 61 ink systems. 

It is a time taking process. So, here I came up with my personal experience that I have been doing since last week. In this article you will know the top 3 best HP printers that use 61 ink cartridges. So let’s get started

3 Best HP Printers that Use 61 Inks:

Following are the top 3 best HP printers that use 61 Inks. To save your valuable time I have tested these printers and found them the best.

1. HP ENVY 5530

Our Top Pick
Best HP Printers that Use 61 Inks

HP Envy 5530


  • Print Speed: 5.2 ppm
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Weight: 6.47 Kilograms

HP ENVY 5530, ENVY. Technologie d’impression: Jet d’encre, Impression: Couleur, Copier: Couleur.


  • Wireless, USB connectable
  • Source of printing InkJet
  • Home usable printer
  • Colourful printing result
  • Max Speed for printing
  • -Colourful (5.2) ppm
  • Max Speed for printing
  • -Monochrome (8.8) ppm
  • Weight: 13.72 pounds
  • Dimension: 20 x 16 x 8 inches


HP ENVY 5530 is a fantastic multi-functional inkJet printer specially designed for home work and uses. Its design and features can be considered as super cool.

It has various options for the network connection. It has a USB slot and supports wireless connection also which we can say is a special function in this printer as it was first released on September 19, 2013.

Some people say it doesn’t give good quality in terms of printing, but I have tested it on my own and found that it gives a good quality and does not spread ink as a result it provides clear results. It also has auto-duplexing features.

Printing Speed:

HP ENVY 5530 has a sufficient speed as compared to other machines from different companies like Canon, Epson or Xerox etc. It prints colourful photos or documents with a speed of 5.2 pages per minute(ppm) which we can say is good but not enough.

For the monochrome printing it takes a minute to print 8.8 pages per minute(ppm)

Also the text printing takes a minute to print out 2 pages.

Heaviness and Dimension:

HP Envy 5530 is a compact printer(20 x 16 x 8 inches) But we can not say it’s the world’s smallest machine. It comes up with the weight of 13.72 pounds which is nearly 6.22 kg and is easily pickable. Its build quality is good and is a solid machine.


  • Provides good print quality
  • Wireless network option
  • Auto-duplex feature


  • Three colour ink makes the colourful printing costly

2. HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO

2nd Pick
Best HP Printers that Use 61 Inks

HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO


  • Print Speed: 5.2 ppm
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Weight: 6.5 Kilograms

HP 4630 e-AiO, Officejet. Technologie d’impression: Jet d’encre, Impression: Couleur, Copier: Couleur.


  • USB slot for network connection
  • Inkjet printing technology
  • House-office both usable
  • Colourful results
  • Prints fast up to 5.2 ppm (colour)
  • Prints fast up to 8.8 ppm (monochrome)
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • 17.56 x 13.07 x 7.44 inches : Dimension


HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO is a mid-priced inkjet printer with multiple functions. Budget-effective machine for offices and homes that have tons of work.

It is a low range king as it has most of the features that high end printers have. It can be used for printing, scanning and faxing. 

The printer has a USB slot for the network connection and this printer can be readily compatible with pc, laptops or macbooks etc.

HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO is all in one printer that can be used for home as well as office’s tasks. It has inkjet technology that is used for the printing purpose. The printer gives high quality and colourful results. 

Printing Speed:

HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO is a printer with massive speed at a very reasonable price. It prints 5.2 pages per minute for colourful results and 8.8 pages per minute for monochrome prints. 

It has an auto document feeder that consists of 35 sheets. This may also cause it to be faster, as you have not to change it mannually.

Heaviness and Dimension:

HP OfficeJet 4630 e-AiO is a printer with a wide design concept. Its dimensions are 17.56 x 13.07 x 7.44 inches. 

It is not heavy like other models of HP such as that i listed above HP ENVY 5530 has weight of 6.2 kg. This one is just 3 kg heavier than that but you can easily carry it from one place to another.


  • Can print, scan and fax
  • Auto-duplexing system
  • Has a auto-doc feeder that can store 35 sheets


  • No ethernet connectivity option

3. Deskjet 3050 – j610a

3rd Pick
Best HP Printers that Use 61 Inks

NETGEAR C6 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wireless Router


  • Print Speed: 4 ppm
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Weight: 3600 Grams

ake advantage of easy wireless printing and sharing at home with the HP DeskJet 3051A Inkjet Multifunction Printer/Copier/Scanner.


  • Connection: USB, Ethernet, Wireless
  • Inkjet system 
  • Usable for home based work
  • Coloured Outputs
  • Highest (colour) print speed 4 ppm
  • Highest (mono) print speed 5.5 ppm
  • Weight: 7.94 pounds
  • 16.81 x 12.05 x 6.14 inches Dimension


Deskjet 3050 – j610a is an inkjet printer with alot of functions. Its design is unique and almost alike with its older versions like DeskJet 1050.

It looks like a low level machine but its pricing and other features make it special.

It has a touch LCD on the front side. Deskjet 3050 – j610a has multiple options for the connection one is the USB connectivity option and other is known as Ethernet connection.

Wireless connection is also a choice if you wanna connect. The machine is easily connectable to laptops, computers and IOS devices.

HP recommends to use Deskjet 3050 – j610a for home purposes but if you are buying it for a small home-office you can definitely go for it.

It offers high quality results and has a max resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. It gives colourful printing outputs and the printouts are clear, no text distortion or any ink spread occurs in paper.

Printing Speed:

The company mentioned colour printing max speed that is 4 ppm. And for the monochromatic prints it can last up to 5.5 ppm. The average they had mentioned is comparatively correct. 

HP Deskjet 3050 – j610a prints out a photo of (4 x 6) in just 49 seconds. The speed for photo printing is better than HP’s older models.

Heaviness and Dimension:

It is 7.94 pounds of weight that is about 3.6 kilograms. So, you can put it on a normal table for use. Also it is not that much space taking its dimensions are 16.81 x 12.05 x 6.14 inches. 

You must need some space for the front as well as the back, because on its front side it has an output and on its back it has an input tray that acquires some space.


  • Lcd Display
  • Well make-up overall
  • Multiple connection option


  • No memory card slot

FAQ’s: Best HP Printers that Use 61 Inks

The 61 ink cartridges system is made for some series that HP had launched such as DeskJet 1000, 1050 series.

HP is a famous brand and they have launched thousands of printing machines. For now they are releasing more up models so they have stopped the older ones. So it is hard to find.

A normal 61-black ink cartridge prints 190 pages and 61XL prints almost 480 pages. Appropriate HP 61 ink prints same amount of pages and last for that long.

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