Epson Ecotank vs Workforce: Which is the Better Printer?

Most printers use ink bottles instead of cartridges and feature a large ink tank. You have enough ink from the start to print up to 14,000 pages which means you don’t have to change cartridges as often.

In this article, I will explain Epson ecotank vs. workforce and the types of Epson printers as well as workforce printers, and sublimation printers. So just read till the end.

What is the difference between Epson Ecotank vs Workforce?

There are several reasons why the Epson eco tank vs. workforce the Epson ET-4700 is a better printer than the Epson Workforce wf-7720. On the ET-4700 as is the case with most super tank printers.

The cost per print is much lower than what it is on the WF-7720. This printer offers a high black page yield and a high color page yield, which means you don’t need to replace the ink as frequently as you would with a cartridge.

Key AspectsPrinter 1Printer 2
AspectEcoTank SeriesWorkForce Series
Cartridge/Ink SystemIntegrated SupertankStandard Replaceable Cartridges
Ink RefillingRefillable ink tanksTraditional ink cartridges
Print VolumeHigh ink capacity for more pagesStandard ink capacity
Initial CostGenerally higher upfront costPotentially lower upfront cost
Cost per PageLower due to bulk inkMay be higher due to cartridges
Wireless ConnectivityAvailable on most modelsAvailable on most models
ADF (Auto DocumentAvailable on some modelsAvailable on most models
Print SpeedVaries by modelVaries by model
Business FocusMore suitable for home and smallMore geared toward businesses
office use
Photo PrintingSome models offer good photoTypically not the main focus
printing capabilities

Epson EcoTank ET-3850 vs Epson Workforce Pro WF-4820:

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The Epson ecotank ET-3850 and Workforce WF-4820 are both affordable all-in-one printers that offer high-quality printing and scanning.

1. Epson Ecotank ET-3850 is the best printer with lower print speeds. It prints black text at 15.5 pages pm. And color text at 8.5ppm. It also has a lower monthly duty cycle of 15000pages. 

However, it uses ink tanks that are larger than wf-4820, which means you need to replace them to save your money.

2. Epson Workforce pro WF-4820 is a more expensive printer with excellent faster print speeds. It prints black text at 25ppm and a color of 12ppm. It has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 33000 pages. However, it uses the ink cartridge and makes it more expensive to replace the ink tank with ET-3850.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the EcoTank a good printer?

Epson ecotank vs workforce? If you print a lot often then yes this ecohtank printer shows good results for you. Otherwise, if you don’t print often and you get the eco tank you might end up with a lot of ink nozzles you have to clean.

What is an eco tank printer?

What is EcoTank? An EcoTank printer is fundamentally different from most printers – it features a large ink tank that you fill with the included ink bottles instead of cartridges.

Is EcoTank a laser?

This inkjet can save you a nickel per page versus most of the color printers. discounted cartridges don’t require big initial investments in the printer.

Is EcoTank ink waterproof?

Epson eco tank pigment ink is more durable et ink and delivers prints that are sharp clear, and water resistant even in barcode mode. Ideal for everyday printing you can easily replace ink bottles and offer high page yield at an affordable price. And unbeatable print quality.

Final Verdict:

epson ecotank vs. workforce the best printer for you depends upon the individual needs and budget. An EcoTank printer is a perfect choice if you print a lot at home or in a small office. 

This printer is the best option for you. On the other hand, a workforce printer is a better option if you need a printer from a business point of view that works with a high print volume. 

Both of these printers are very affordable from a price point of view so if you are planning to buy one just do it.

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