How to start sublimation printing? A Step-by-Step Guide

Sublimation printing is a very popular, latest, and unique method of printing. You can create different types of gifs and items at home to start your own sublimation business.

You just require some basic equipment, which you buy from the market or purchase online.

Furthermore, with the help of our guide, you will be able to start your own setup, and it is very profitable, you should start your business without any hesitation.

This is the perfect place for those people who want to start their own business. You will learn how to craft objects, how to use different objects, and many more. You will enjoy our guidance.

How to start sublimation printing?

Here are some basic facts and methods to start sublimation printing:

What is sublimation printing?

Scientifically, sublimation is the transfer of substances directly from the solid phase into the gas phase without passing into the liquid phase.

Generally, it’s the method of printing that transfers design into the material to fabric using heat and different colors of ink.

Sublimation printing is a common but viral method of printing. The main purpose of

sublimation printing is to transfer the design from sublimation paper to fabric or any other material like cups by using high heat and pressure.

In this method first, the ink is heated and converted into gas and then in contact with the fabric and it forms a permanent image on the fabric. This effect is permanent and has less chance to fade away as ink sticks permanently in fabrics and metals.

Process of sublimation printing?

To make a sublimation printing you must follow these steps:

  • Gather necessary equipment

These equipment are required to make a sublimation printing

Sublimation printer and inks, a heat press machine, a blank substrate

  • Design your art

You have to make a design on sublimation paper that you want to print. You can also use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create and customise your design.

  • Prepare your substrate

Make sure that the substrate you are using is clean and free of dust. If your substrate is dirty, press it to remove the moisture.

  • Print your design

Put or load the sublimation ink packets into your printer and adjust the setting according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also print your design onto sublimation paper for high-level print design.

  • Cut the extra paper

 Now, carefully cut your design from the transfer paper, leaving just a small border around the edges.

  • Secure the transfer

Place the substrate on the heat press machine and press the paper on top, make sure that your design is facing the substrate.

  • Apply pressure and heat

Set the temperature on your heat machine to about 350 to 400 C and time your heat press machine also, apply pressure. The heat and pressure cause sublimation into a gas. Allowing it to penetrate the substrate.

  • Keep cool

Keep your design cool after cooling and inspect your design.

  • Cut the paper    

You must cut the extra design from your paper and keep it safe. 

These are the steps to make a design.

Things you require to start printing?

You can generate handsome revenue from sublimation printing. To start sublimation printing you must require these items.

  • Printer

Generally, sublimation printing is done with the help of a sublimation printer. These are specialized printers that use sublimation inks to transfer your designs.

Printing with sublimation is available in a variety of brands and features. Always make sure that the printer you are purchasing is up to your requirements. 

The size of the printer also matters the largest printer can print up to 24 inches of paper.

For better printing, you can use a printer like Epson 170, a Sawgrass SG500, or convert an Epson. If you don’t buy a printer you can buy a sublimation transfer too.

  • Software & computer for Sublimation

You must require a computer and software to create your own printing design. Your computer must be powerful enough to handle the best sublimation software like Adobe illustrator, PS, Edition, Infinity, and CoreI Draw. These software are also friendly for beginners.

  • Sublimation inks 

Sublimation inks are one of the most used items for sublimation printing. These are the special inks that are turned into gas when heated.

These inks are not like the inks which are used in inkjet printers. They are totally different from it.

While buying a sublimation ink make sure that it is not inkjet printer ink. The average cost you about 10$ to 40$ according to quantity. The average ink per square inch costs you less than 1 cent.

  • Heat source and heat press

When your sublimation ink is fully transferred on your sublimation blank, you then required a heat source like a tumbler press, thumb press, and mug press.

You can also use an oven.  The sublimation ink must be heated (350°F and above) to turn into gas and adhere to the sublimation blank.

A heat press is a hot enough use to make very high-quality prints. They come in various sizes to meet your requirements also they can handle very large papers. 

  • Sublimation blank

Sublimation blanks are also very important. They play a vital role in printing. Sublimation blanks are sheets or rolls of plastic that have been designed so you can easily print on them using sublimation inks 

  • Other items

Various other items you require for sublimation printing are, 

Note: these items are not necessary.

  1. Gloves to protect your hand from heat and ink and other items like adhesive you must require gloves.
  2. Spray to adhesives You must spray your adhesives to save your paper as you print.
  3. Form pillows are used to protect your fabric products from heat and ink. They avoid ink drops to fall on your fabrics.

What things you can do with sublimation printing?

You can make various varieties of things with the help of sublimation printing. You can make gifts item for your friends and family.

You can do your own business. Unlike other businesses, sublimation printing is not too costly, you can start this business at home just need a room and have a creative mind.

Final Wording

I hope you enjoyed this article about “How to start sublimation printing”. The conclusion we extract from this topic is that if you want to start your business you have to buy some necessary products which I have mentioned and you must know how to use that products.

But one of the most important necessary thing is best sublimation printer. Some top sublimation printer reviews short listed on my site you can check them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a printer mandatory for sublimation printing?

A printer actually is optional if you don’t have a printer you can use sublimation transfer too.

Can we print a design on fabric?

Obviously yes, you can print a design on fabrics like shirts by using a sublimation printer.

Is sublimation printing costly? 

No, sublimation printing is not costly, however, you can generate a lot of revenue from it.

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