5 Sublimation Mug Printing Problems (FIXED!) & Its Business Angle

There’s no denying that mugs are the best way to promote your business. They’re inexpensive and durable, and they’re perfect for promoting your brand, especially if you want to make your logo look as good as possible. Unfortunately, there are some common problems that people have to face when it comes to printing mugs. In this post we will walk you through the 5 most common sublimation mug printing problems, and give you the complete information about how you can fix them.

It’s no secret that the mugs industry is booming and the demand for customizable mugs has increased significantly over the last few years. As people look to purchase mugs with personalized designs that reflect their personalities. Mugs are a great way to promote your business, and they’re a relatively inexpensive way to do so. There are a lot of ways to make your mugs stand out, and one of the most effective methods is to print them with sublimation printing.

With the popularity of sublimation printing, many people use mug printing to create unique and personalized gifts. While this method of mug printing offers excellent results, it can be challenging, and several common problems can arise.

However, if you’ve never used sublimation printing before, a few sublimation mug printing problems you can face. So, you need to know about it before you dive into it.

5 Sublimation Mug Printing Problems

We will discuss these problems and provide solutions for them. These include the wrong type of ink being used, improper heat press settings, and incorrect mug sizes.

Ensuring all the correct elements are in place is essential to ensure quality and successful printing.

1. Incorrect temperature setting

If your mug prints incorrectly, it may be because the temperature needs to be set higher for the powder to heat up and create an image. To fix this issue, increase your printer’s or heating pad’s heat setting.

2. Print quality is poor

If your mug prints with poor quality, it may be because the resolution on your printer is low or you are using the wrong inkjet cartridge. To improve print quality, upgrade your printer or invest in a higher-quality inkjet cartridge.

3. The mug is not cleaned correctly

If your mug does not print correctly, it may be because dirt and residue from food particles have built up on the mug’s surface over time. To fix this issue, wash the cup in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly before using it again.

4. The printer is not calibrated correctly

If your mug prints incorrectly, it may be because the printer needs to be calibrated accurately. To calibrate your printer, follow the instructions provided with your printer.

5. The mug is not correctly heated

If your mug prints incorrectly, it may be because it needs to be heated sufficiently before printing. To fix this issue, heat the mug in a preheated oven or microwave for 10-20 seconds before printing.

Which Material Mug for Better Quality Printing?

When printing mugs using the sublimation process, the mug material is an essential factor to consider. Generally, ceramic and polyester-coated mugs are best as they have smooth surfaces that will provide the highest quality results.

Porcelain mugs can also be used. However, they may require a special coating before printing, and the results may not be as bright and vivid as ceramic or polyester. Metal mugs should be avoided, as the metal surface can’t be printed directly and will result in poor-quality images.

Business Angle of Customizable Mug Printing 

Is the customizable mug printing business profitable?

Customizable mug printing businesses can be a great way to make extra income. However, a few things to consider before getting started. Sublimation mug printing can be complex, as the mugs need to be coated and heated to get the design to transfer correctly.

Additionally, the quality of the mug itself will affect the final product, so it is essential to use cups that are good quality. A successful customizable mug printing business is profitable with the right equipment and materials.

Benefits of Mug Printing

Sublimation mug printing is a popular decoration method for mugs due to its durability and unique look. This method can create detailed designs with vivid color and clarity, making it an excellent option for businesses producing promotional mugs or personalized gifts.

The cost-effectiveness and ease of use make sublimation mug printing an attractive option for anyone looking to add a special touch to their mug.

Drawbacks of Mug Printing

Sublimation mug printing involves a complex process that can be difficult to master. It requires the user to know about graphics design, software manipulation, and how sublimation works.

Furthermore, the equipment needed for sublimation mug printing can be expensive, and the high temperatures required for the process can cause damage to materials not explicitly designed for it.

As a result, it is essential to carefully consider all the drawbacks of sublimation mug printing before investing in this type of printing solution.

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If you are experiencing any problems with your mug printing, try one of the techniques listed above on how to Fix 5 common sublimation mug printing problems. Remember, feel free to contact us if you still need help with issues after trying these techniques.

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