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The Ultimate Guide: How To Do Sublimation On Wood

After trying sublimation for the first time, we asked ourselves, is it possible to use sublimation on wood? Thankfully, the answer is yes! You can use sublimation on a wide range of substrates including wood.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using wood though. First, always test your substrate before printing any graphics or images. Second, make sure your printer is set to the correct settings for sublimation and that you are using quality paper.

Finally, be patient – it may take a little bit longer to print your project than usual due to the increased heat required for sublimation.

Overall though, using wood for sublimation is an easy and fun way to create unique prints that can last for years!

How to Start Sublimating Wood

If you’re considering sublimation as a way to add some extra flair to your woodworking projects, you’ll want to start by understanding the process. This ultimate guide on how to Sublimation on Wood will teach you everything you need to know about starting wood sublimation.

Once you have a basic understanding of the process, you can begin experimenting with different types of wood and designs. You can even create your very own sublimated artwork!

If you are completely new to sublimation, You don’t have to worry as we got you covered. Read this article to be a pro in sublimation & to understand the process.

1. Bare Wood With No Coating

Sublimation is a great way to turn plain wood into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

To start, remove all paint, stains, varnishes, and other coatings from the wood. This will help the sublimation process work more effectively.

2. Thermal Laminating Wood For Sublimation

Another option is to use thermal laminating wood. Thermal laminating wood is coated with a special type of plastic that can withstand high temperatures.

 Sublimation On Wood

This allows you to use sublimation on wood without worrying about the heat damaging the wood while using a heat press.

3. Using Polycrylic to Sublimate on Wood

You can also use polyacrylic as a coating to sublimate on wood. Polycrylic is a clear, water-based coating that can be applied to wood and then heated to sublimate.

Polycrylic is a great choice for wood that has a natural grain or texture. It also works well on painted wood.

4. Sanding Sealer: The Better Alternative to Polycrylic

A sanding sealer is another option for sublimating wood. A sanding sealer is a clear, water-based coating that is applied to wood.

When heated, the sanding sealer changes color to a darker, rich red.


We found that sublimation is indeed possible to use on wood, and there are many different ways to do it. Sublimation prints high-quality images directly onto wood without the need for a transfer sheet.

In addition, sublimation prints can be customized to create any design for craft sublimation printing you can imagine. So if you’re looking for a way to personalize your products or add a unique look to your business, sublimation is definitely the way to go!

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