How to Create Personalized Sublimation Products?

Sublimation printers create various types of products that are easily available in the market nowadays.  These sublimation printers are experts in printing t-shirts mugs or other products. But before printing let us know how to create personalized sublimation products.

In this article, I will explain how to create personalized sublimation products such as t-shirts. And what are the steps that we follow and create a sublimation design?

How to Create Sublimation Design in 6 Steps:

You need to know all the steps to get high-quality sublimation designs How to create personalized sublimation products? That’s why we will cover all aspects of sublimation projects from design to production.

 The first step in sublimation printing is to print the image to a product, instead of sitting on top of the material sublimation ink embeds into it. As a result, your print will last for years without washing out or caring.

Compared to screen printing or other dye transfer techniques, sublimation requires water and manual labor. Sublimation printing is ideal for print-on-demand because it can be done in small and large quantities.

1. Come up with Design Ideas

First, let’s sketch out some sublimation design ideas.

Since sublimation printing covers the whole product, there are almost no limits to what you can design. 

It is okay to make patterns in large artworks or tell a whole story with your design because hoodies t t-shirts and dufle bags have different parts to customize You can play with color blocking and mixing patterns.

You can inspiration from ESTY, printers, or brands you love if you don’t know where to start. You can get an idea of what you should look for by looking at these great sublimation designs

These design ideas can be used on all sorts of sublimation blanks like t-shirts backpacks and enamel mugs. And don’t limit yourself to a specific product you can use one sublimation design for many different products.

Take your existing designs for embroidery or DTG and change them to a sublimation design, turn your design into a pattern, or make it larger in scale so it works for sublimation.

2. Select a Graphic Design Tool

Sublimation designs can be created using a variety of graphic design tools to know How to create personalized sublimation products. A professional can also design a sublimation for you. As a result, it would be useful to send the designer guidelines for creating sublimation designs.

Here are some ways you can make sublimation designs in Canva, Photoshop, and Printfuls Design Maker.


There are more than 100 million users of Canva a design platform. Thousands of people businesses and freelancers use it every day. This is such a user-friendly interface makes designing a breeze. 

Also, this finds a huge amount of stylish predesigned templates for the project. It is easier to create sublimation designs with canvas design capabilities. You can export your designs in the proper format for sublimation printing with its wide range of tools.


Creating editing and enhancing images with Adobe Photoshop has long been a favorite of graphics designers and photographers. Sublimation designs can be manipulated with a wide variety of tools. You can experiment with gradient pho editing and make detailed graphics with Photoshop easily.

High-resolution images and complex designs can also created by Photoshop. In addition, print full designs or templates are imported in PSD file format.

If we talk about creative cloud it is so expensive Also it depends on the circumstances free alternatives would be a better option.

Printful Design Maker

You can design graphics for free with a printable design maker. Easy to navigate interface and basic editing tools make it easy to use. Upload your artwork or use the 712 fonts 20400+ clipart graphics, 3100+ ready-made designs, and 550+ background graphics in the design library.

Plus it comes with a print full design template and gridlines making the sublimation design process a breeze. Further, you can design the products directly with the sublimation Before selling or ordering your products you can see a preview.

You should use Print Full Design Maker if

  • Graphic design software is unfamiliar to you 
  • The Design Maker library contains fonts photos graphics and clipart that you would like to use
  • Your design needs a bit of editing
  • You want to design directly on the product and experiment on the way

You can import and place your design onto the products before listing them in your store if you choose Printfull as your sublimation print-on-demand partner.

3. Check our Sublimation Guidelines

Check the sublimation design guidelines before creating your customized products. Print full product catalog including file guidelines for customizing products. 

The are some general guidelines that apply to everything but there are some specific guidelines as well. In terms of size and placement options.

General Guidelines for customizing Products

  • Please upload files in PNG or JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 150 DPI.
  • Files should be created in sRGB color space.
  • Maximize coverage by using full-bleed images.
  • Avoid missing design elements by keeping all-important graphics within the safe print area.
  • Transparent backgrounds can be used for designs that cover only a portion of the print area.
  • You should delete the guide layers before saving your files if you use our downloadable templates.

Sublimation Disclaimers

  • The designs are sublimated onto one side of the product ( the other side remains white).
  • Graphics may shift up to 2 inches when printed due to the peculiarities of the sublimation process. It is therefore not recommended to use designs that require precise placement.

Cut and sew Disclaimers for all Print Products

  • There is no guarantee that the placement will be perfect. 
  • Patterns and images cannot be perfectly aligned from front to back
  • There is no guarantee that elements outside the safe print area will appear fully on the final product.
  • If we do not have enough fabric in stock to fulfill an order we may use a comfortable fabric instead. As close as possible to the original, the substitute will be used.
  • All over print products cannot be printed with the color white. A product with other darker layers will end up with the color of the fabric if it has white or transparent elements. White and transparent elements should not be used in your all-over print designs.

4. Explore Sublimation Products

Various products can be customized using sublimation. You can choose from many sublimation blanks such as t-shirts swimwear, mugs, socks, towels, and duffle bags. Sublimation printing can be used on any textile product made of polyester polymer coated, sublimation requires a polyester blend fabric. Surfaces that are white or light in color can also be used.

5. Download our Design Templates

Since apparel and accessories have different parts like hoods, collars, or sleeves. Sublimation printing requires some preparation. To help you prepare your design for printing we include easy-to-follow guidelines.

The guidelines and design templates are included in a zipped folder next to the product description. An inside or outside label template will be included if that product allows branding customization.

To open the template you will need graphic design software that supports PSD files. Many free or paid alternatives are available such as krita gimp photoshop etc.

A printable design template works by opening it in graphic design software. Once you have your workspace set up. You can start creating your sublimation design you can see all the different parts your design needs to include.

The templates are already in print full design maker. Design elements can be placed directly on them. For example, check this all-over print unisex hoodie.

Try color blocking or hanging the design. There are separate designs for the front and back the right and left sleeves the pocket the hood and the inside label. 

Play around with the options and make the best sublimation designs for yourself. Save your files before deleting the guide layers if you using our templates.

6. Order Samples

When creating sublimation design ordering samples is crucial, especially for those who sell customized products online. In addition to testing the quality of different products yourself, you can also share photos with your community to get feedback.

Color and designs can be seen in Smoke before printing and selling to customers. You can also check your images seen in samples before pixelating using this tool. Your design must either be improved or scaled down if this happens.

To test out your sublimation designs before putting them on sale. Printfull offers 20% off samples for various products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is sublimation printing profitable?

Dye-sublimation printing has empowered many creators, makers, and entrepreneurs like yourself to build lucrative businesses producing and selling high-quality custom The It is a product. With a few pieces of equipment and a little elbow grease, you can have your personalization shop up and running in no time.

How are sublimation designs made?

Finding an image to use in a sublimation design, sale, shirt, print, canvas, Cricut, designs, or blanks maker is the first step. Whether it is a photograph or an artwork, you can upload it.

You need to resize the image once you have it to fit the area where you plan to print it. Sublimation paper must then be printed with the image.

What do I need to start a sublimation business?

To know How to create personalized sublimation products? It is necessary to have a sublimation printer, sublimation ink, sublimation paper, design software, sublimation blanks, a heat press, heat tape or adhesive spray, heat-resistant gloves, and butcher paper for sublimation printing.

Can you get free sublimation designs?

A quick Google search will turn up plenty of free sublimation files, but Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles are two of our favorites. With Creative Fabrica, you can download and use high-quality designs for personal or commercial use.

Are Canva designs copyright-free?

With Canva Free, you get a Free Media Licence Agreement. You can design anything at no charge, but you can only use copyright-free images. Canva Pro comes with full access to Canva Content, so if you want to use watermarked content, you’ll have to upgrade.

Final Verdict:

To find out how to create personalized sublimation products you need to know personalized sublimation products by coming up with design ideas, selecting a graphic design tool, checking the sublimation design guidelines, and exploring the get order samples download templates.

 More learn about the sublimation process. It is important to choose the right graphic design tool for your needs, such as Canva Photoshop or printfull Design Maker. To ensure that your design will work with sublimation you should also check the sublimation design guidelines.

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