How to set up a Sublimation Printer? A Complete Guide

Sublimation printers are mostly used in homes offices and for many other purposes. These sublimation printers are full of new features but if you are going to buy a sublimation printer you must know how to set up a sublimation printer.

In this article, I will explain a proper way to set up your sublimation printer for cotton and all its features. So just read till the end.

Let’s set up a Sublimation Printer:

1. Unpack the Sublimation Printer bundle

The sublimation printer bundles from ink experts are typically packaged in the original epson retail package. As a part of this printer bundle, additional sublimation accessories will be included in the box.

This epson inkjet printer price will depend upon the latest models.

  • Set of Inktec Sublinova sublimation ink bottles and 100ml of each color required for each printer.
  • Also a set of 10ml syringes and blunt metal needles.
  • Sublimation paper
  • Illustrated setup for installing the ink.
  • Advised printer settings sheet
  • ICC profile email request sheet
  • Manufactures driver’s CD installation disc
  • UK specification power lead
  • USB connection lead

2. Install Sublimation Ink

You can install the sublimation ink into your printer just by following the illustrated setup sheet. To transfer the sublimation ink from the ink bottles into the ink tanks of the epson ecotank printer ink experts typically supply syringes and needles.

A process called ink charging occurs inside the printer, in which the inks are pumped through the ink feed system. A typical completion time is 10 minutes.

3. Install Printer Drivers

How to set up a sublimation printer? Let’s check! Setting up a sublimation requires installing the printer driver. A fundamental printer driver is usually installed instead of full or correct driver supplies by a printer manufacturer. 

Many important settings and options are not available when a basic printer driver is installed. ICC profiles printer color management and printing quality can be affected as a result. 

Or there is another process.

  • Drivers can be downloaded from the Epson website at
  • The above link will take you to the driver download page.
  • You can find your model by scrolling down the page
  • Type your printer model number
  • The ET-2750 is the search term we used to find epson ecotank.
  • When the screen appears select your model.
  • Please select your model from the list below the drivers and the software pages related to that model.
  • Eg. the computer is running Windows 10 64bit which should be automatically detected by the epson website.
  • You can select drivers from the list by checking on them.
  • An overview You will be able to download the complete printer driver package by clicking on this.
  • The correct full version of the drivers can easily be checked there is a great deal of difference between their visual appearances.
  • This is an example of an incorrect driver Usually this happens if you don’t have the CD and haven’t downloaded the driver. There aren’t many options in this version.
  • The correct sublimation driver is provided below. This version included all the necessary options for successful sublimation printing. Including paper type quality mirror option and color management settings.

4. Connecting the Printer with your Computer

USB leads are recommended as opposed to WIFI wireless connection wherever possible by ink experts—all ink experts sublimation printer bundles including a high-speed USB lead. 

There are printers in our range that can be connected by WIFI or USB and the client can choose the connection type such as epson settings, setup chemistry, 2800, Best Beginners, 2803, Photoshop, and regular sawgrass that works best for them.

Ink experts recommend ISB lead connection for the following reasons

  • In comparison to wifi or wireless connection, USB offers a much more stable connection which can cause print jobs to stop or cancel.
  • USB connections are faster than wifi and wireless connections when it comes to data transfer and printing. It is common for data packets to stall when they are transferred especially when the size of the document is large. As a result, print speeds may be slower.
  • We have observed that on some printer models and operating system combinations the wifi or wireless driver disregards or misuses the ICC profile,e, and color management settings.

5. Request the Sublimation ICC Profile

How to set up a sublimation printer? Let’s find out Each sublimation ICC profile is emailed by Ink Experts.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to request these

6. Apply the correct settings for Sublimation Printing

To print successfully and with reliability, it is very important to apply the recommended printer settings.

Before sending a print job settings must be applied to the printer driver via the computer for best results make sure you use the recommended settings.

The settings for sublimation printers depend on the type of sublimation paper being used on the back cover sheet of all ink experts’ sublimation papers containing recommended settings.

Here are some recommended printer settings

Sublimation printing typically requires the following settings

  • The paper type generally is changed from plain paper to epson matte paper to ensure high print quality, as well as to inform the printer that it is using a particular type of paper for printing.
  • A high quality is usually achieved by changing the quality from standard to high. As a result, more ink can be applied to the paper. Resulting in a higher-quality print.
  • A mirror image as the name implies will print backwards when this option is selected. The idea is reversed once it is heat-pressed to the product.

7. Print Press Create

Now that you have completed all of the above you are ready to start printing heat pressing and creating.

It is possible to print and press onto a wide variety of blank products for sublimation printing by using the how-to press guides found on the ink experts’ website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a regular printer be used for sublimation?

How to set up a sublimation printer? If it’s possible or not It is not possible to print sublimation on inkjet printers that use thermal printing heads. 

The inkjet printers manufactured by Canon, HP, Lexmark, or Dell are not suitable. Sublimation printing can be done using printers with Mirco piezo printing heads.

Is sublimation printing CMYK or RGB?

Unless you are using an RIP that uses CMYK, activate a specific RGB profile when working with sublimation. Since commercial printing requires CMYK color mode, many graphic artists design in this mode.

What format should I print for sublimation?

It is recommended that you submit transparent images for the best results. You can use PNGs or. Regardless of the decoration method, keep files at 300 DPI. You can also take high-quality pictures with a cell phone at 72 dpi.

Do I need a computer for sublimation?

The possibilities are truly endless here and sublimation is the perfect complement to a cutting machine craft other than designs, sublimation doesn’t require much. Computers are required for that.

Final Verdict:

Sublimation printers need to be set up by unpacking the bundle installing the ink, installing the drivers, connecting the printer to your computer if you are looking at How to set up a sublimation printer, requesting the sublimation ICC profile, and setting up the settings.

It is also possible to print sublimation on a regular printer, but you need a RIP raster image processor to convert your images to CMYK. To design your pictures and send them to the printer you need a computer and PNG or JPGformats.

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